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RatSWD Office

The office of the RatSWD is located at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) and supports the RatSWD in all its tasks.

The office supports the work of the RatSWD scientifically, administratively, communicatively and technically. This includes the organization of committee meetings as well as the planning and implementation of the triennial Conference for Social and Economic Data (KSWD). In addition, the office coordinates external communication, especially for the utilization of the results of the working groups. In addition to direct communication (e.g. within the framework of congresses and workshops), various publication formats, such as the RatSWD Output Series, are in the spotlight.

The office is also responsible for all public relations work for the KonsortSWD consortium.

The Office Team

Thomas Runge

RatSWD Office
Acting director

Katrin Köhler

RatSWD Office
Team Assistance

Dr. Katrin Schaar

RatSWD Office
Research Associate

Susanne Zindler

RatSWD Office
Research Associate, Public Relations KonsortSWD

Claudia Kreutz

RatSWD Office
Public Relations KonsortSWD, Graphic Design

Lea Salathé

RatSWD Office
Student Assistent

Dr. Mathias Bug

RatSWD Office
Director (on leave)