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RatSWD Working Papers

In the RatSWD Working Papers series, conceptual and historical papers dedicated to research data infrastructures are published.

Working Paper Series of the German Data Forum (RatSWD)

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has not influenced the publications. The RatSWD alone bears the responsibility for them.

The RatSWD Working Papers series was launched at the end of 2007. Since 2009, the series has been publishing exclusively conceptual and historical works dealing with the organization of the German statistical infrastructure and research infrastructure in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences. Papers that appear in the series deal primarily with the organization of Germany’s official statistical system, government agency research, and academic research infrastructure, as well as directly with the work of the RatSWD. Papers, addressing the aforementioned topics in other countries as well as supranational aspects are particularly welcome.

RatSWD Working Papers are non-exclusive, which means that there is nothing to prevent you from publishing your work in another venue as well: all papers can and should also appear in professionally, institutionally or locally specialized journals. The RatSWD Working Papers are not available in bookstores but can be ordered online through the RatSWD.

In order to make the series more accessible to readers not fluent in German, the English section of the RatSWD Working Papers website presents only those papers published in English, while the the German section lists the complete contents of all issues in the series in chronological order.

In 2009, some of the empirical research papers that originally appeared in the RatSWD Working Papers series have been removed to the series RatSWD Research Notes.

The views expressed in the RatSWD Working Papers are exclusively the opinions of their authors and not those of the RatSWD.

The RatSWD Working Paper Series is edited by:
Chair of the RatSWD (2007/ 2008 Heike Solga; 2009 Gert G. Wagner)
Managing Director of the RatSWD (Denis Huschka)

Assessing the re-use potential of research data in empirical educational research

Authors: Claudia Neuendorf, Malte Jansen, and Lisa Pegelow

Number: 270/2020


Anatomy of regional price differentials: Evidence from micro price data

Authors: Sebastian Weinand, and Ludwig von Auer

Number: 268/2019


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All RatSWD Working Papers are also listed in RePEc (Research Papers in Economics).