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KonsortSWD provides services around research data in the social, educational, behavioral and economic sciences.

Supporting Research Data Centres

Benchmark processes to maintain quality standards to support RDCs in implementing FAIR principles for sustainable and trustworthy data access.

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Research data management grants (RDM grants)

RDM grants support researchers in preparing and making available relevant and new data corpora for secondary use according to the FAIR principles.

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Persistent Identifiers for variables

Making any contents within datasets referencable and findable.

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Making data more findable

Best practices for ensuring the visibility of research data in metasearch engines such as Google & Co.

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Open API for standardized data access

Eliminate obstacles to data use and data provision through standardized interfaces.

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Networking of guest researcher workplaces for easy yet secure access to non-anonymized microdata.

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CODI – A service for coding open responses in surveys

Automatically and efficiently code text responses to open-ended questions into standardized categories in a quality-assured manner.

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Harmonized Variables – More easily combine survey data through standardized and harmonized variables

Unlocking the potential of survey data from multiple sources by achieving interoperability.

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