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KonsortSWD provides services around research data in the social, educational, behavioral and economic sciences.

Lifting the treasure trove of data? Apply now!

Research needs curiosity. Curious people need data. We know of lots of new data, sometimes older, sometimes quite fresh. But often hard to find. On a project homepage or in a repository – but without the metadata or documentation with which other curiosity-seekers could find this data. This is where KonsortSWD will help.



Call for Applications Project Funding Research Data Management

  • Here you can find the Call for applications
  • Application deadline: April 30, 2021
  • Announcement of funding: June 2021
  • Earliest start of funding: July 1, 2021
  • Further rounds of calls for proposals in 2024, 2025, etc.

KonsortSWD awards funding in 2021 to prepare your data together with a research data center and make it available to the scientific community for secondary use.

Find data

The research data in the social, educational, behavioral and economic sciences are distributed decentrally in the research data centers (RDC). In order to make them accessible to researchers, many RDCs ensure that they can be found by da|ra, the registration agency for social and economic data.

Networking and exchange of research data centers

KonsortSWD continues the Committee for Data Access, which for more than ten years has been the basis for the outstanding position of the social, educational, behavioral and economic sciences with regard to research data. Here, representatives of the RDCs can exchange best practices and coordinate access to research data despite highly diverse framework conditions.

Standing Committee Research Data Infrastructure (FDI Committee)